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Last Updated on 2022-07-12 | Originally Posted on 2018-12-18

Even though this page is mainly about what many kind people have said about my teaching, I still have a long way to go. Thank you for trusting me to teach you and your kids.

You are also welcome to give feedback.


Exceptional Teaching

Broc teaches piano to our 2 children, ages 12 and 8. Both have very different learning styles – and Broc has done an excellent job adapting his teaching style to fit their learning. I have tried music lessons at different places, and this experience has provided them the most learning and progression in their piano… Read more “Exceptional Teaching”

Miriam Clifford

Patient, Motivating, and Invested Teacher

Broc Hite is such an accomplished pianist, and he is such a patient, motivating and invested teacher to my two boys and little girl. I don’t think they would have learned as much with anyone else!

Crystal Boyle

Success in under 4 months!

Broc is a wonderful piano teacher! I decided to sign up a semester of lessons for myself with a simple goal to play Christmas songs well enough for my family for Christmas. I excelled more than I had expected that I would! Broc will push you beyond your comfort zone just enough.

Diana Moran

Incredible teacher for my girls

This last year my daughters have been taking piano lessons from Mr. Broc. I have been so impressed with the progress they have made. He is an intuitive teacher who can easily see their strengths and weaknesses. He always encourages them while also pushing them to do the best of their ability. He has also… Read more “Incredible teacher for my girls”

Amanda Peterson

The best piano teacher I’ve had

We have moved quite a bit and so my son (12) has had at least 6 different piano teachers. Before we started lessons with Mr. Broc, my son had finished the Alfred lesson series but hadn’t been making a lot of progress with his other teachers. After only 6 months of lessons with Mr. Broc,… Read more “The best piano teacher I’ve had”

Diana Glade

Great Piano Teacher

Mr. Broc has been a great piano teacher for my daughter. He challenges her and assesses her strengths and weaknesses very well. He gives ample public recital opportunities so that my daughter can overcome stage fright. It is a blessing to have a teacher like him.

Shipra Rane


Broc Hite Pianist/Organist
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Veronica A. Fasciana
Veronica A. Fasciana
We moved over a year ago from Ohio where my son Lucas, who was 7 at the time, had a great instructor. I was afraid I would not find a top-notch and patient instructor for him. Lucas is a smart,... talkative, and very curious boy. We came to know Broc thanks to google. We were very lucky that he had available spots to teach. He has been very responsive to my inquiries from day one. He takes instruction very seriously -even when Lucas keeps on talking-. Broc provides comments and notes for every single session. He is organized, committed and patient.read more
Megan Lucy James Neal
Megan Lucy James Neal
Mr. Broc is a very patient and educational piano instructor! 5 stars!
Diana Glade
Diana Glade
We have moved quite a bit and so my son (12) has had at least 6 different piano teachers. Before we started lessons with Mr. Broc, my son had finished the Alfred lesson series but hadn’t been making... a lot of progress with his other teachers. After only 6 months of lessons with Mr. Broc, his piano skills sky rocketed. The amount of growth he has experienced with Mr. Broc as a teacher has been incredible. Even my son agrees that Mr. Broc is the best piano teacher he has ever had. We have been so happy with the results he’s had, that I decided to start taking lessons as well! Not only is Mr. Broc a great teacher, but he also has great communication with parents, provides plenty of opportunities for recitals, prepares his students for the ASMTA festival, and is flexible with scheduling conflicts. I would highly recommend Mr. Broc for piano lessons to anyone looking for a teacher for either their child or themselves!read more
Eve Averill
Eve Averill
Met Broc when my husband and I joined a church in Fairfield. I joined the choir, which was under his direction. Enjoyed his direction and the music he chose.


Courtney Gorden
Courtney Gorden
15:50 20 Dec 20
Broc is a wizard! Best piano teacher in NWA! He has taken my son and husband and coached them to excel and love the piano. His training is impressive (Juliard?!??) and he not only is an amazing... performer and musician, but a great teacher. We love him so much! (As a side note, I taught piano myself for 10 years and feel I can recognize good teachers.)read more
16:10 25 Nov 20
Mr.Broc has been our son’s piano teacher for over 5 years now, I think he started with him when he was in second grade. Mr.Broc is an amazing teacher and genuinely takes interest in the development... and growth of his students in music. We are really lucky we found Mr.Broc! ????read more
KimnSid Shake
KimnSid Shake
23:09 23 Nov 20
Broc is an incredible pianist and an amazing teacher. Both my kids have been learning from him and have greatly benefited from it.
ktrimbe ktrimbe
ktrimbe ktrimbe
02:30 16 Nov 20
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