Student Challenge Guidelines

This page describes the steps needed to earn an award stickers and newsletter/Website recognition that goes along with that.

50 Day Practice Challenge

We’ll start on Monday, September 27th, and go until Monday, November 15th. If your lesson is on a different day than Monday, you can start the challenge on your lesson day. Then, you’ll finish on that same day of the week of November 15th.

A practice challenge is based on challenging yourself to practice daily, but a Sabbath day or occasional miss won’t throw you off track. If you are consistent, you’ll earn the award!

Successful practice day – Minimum of 10 minutes of practice. If you’re a very young beginner, like 5 or 6 years old, you can choose a minimum of 5 minutes. This low minimum is designed to encourage consistency over time practiced. You are encouraged to do more than 10 minutes!

Eligible practice day – Any day that you determine that practice could happen. For example, if you observe a Sabbath day, or are away from the house for the entire day, say if you go camping over the weekend, you can count that as an ineligible practice day. If you observe 7 Sabbath days and are away from home for 2 days, you would have 41 eligible practice days.

Honor system – It’s up to you to keep track of both days practiced and your non-eligible practice days. Please mark ineligible days before they happen. If you just get busy but didn’t get to practice, that is an eligible day and a miss. It happens.

You can be eligible for an award in one of two ways: Absolute number of successful practice days, or a high percentage of successful practice days versus eligible practice days. I’m not going to pre-set the goals for either. I’ll choose the award targets once I receive your practice charts at the end of the challenge. Do your best, and you might get a sticker and recognition!

You can track your practice and eligible days any way you like. You can do it electronically, even using the module in MyMusicStaff. If you want to do it on paper, I can give you a sheet, but you can also download these from the same place I did, The Practice Shoppe. Please note that some of these sheets have a fee, but most are free.

Last Updated 2021-09-25 | Originally Posted 2021-09-25

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