Sonatina Festival – 2019


Your sonatina should be memorized by the week of decision, so that we can know confidently whether to forward or not. That gives us a couple of weeks to add the final touches needed for a fine performance.

There are two opportunities listed below to play your pieces in public before the festival. I highly recommend that you take advantage of both. If you need to miss one, you can schedule something on your own as a substitute. If you need to miss both, we need to work out a separate opportunity.

Important Dates

  • Decision and Payment Week: October 14th – 18th
  • Halloween Piano Party: Saturday, October 19th at 1 pm
  • Official Warm-Up Recital at Central UMC – Rogers: Sunday, November 3rd at 3 pm
  • Festival at NWACC – Bentonville: Saturday, November 9th
Last Updated 2019-11-11 | Originally Posted 2019-10-02