Recommended Recordings

Last Updated on 2022-08-05 | Originally Posted on 2022-03-22

This page is intended to give my piano students opportunities to listen to others perform their own pieces, as well as do some general listening of other works. It’s in the process of being filled with lots of good stuff!

Many of the repertoire books I recommend, like the Alfred Masterworks and FJH Festival, have recordings available on the included CD or via a download code. Please check those resources first, since this list is focused on repertoire where no recordings are included.

In many cases, the tempos might be a lot faster than you will eventually play them. Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the YouTube window to adjust the playback speed.

I have not included a comprehensive listing below of Piano Safari recordings, since that’s available on the dedicated Piano Safari YouTube Channel. Choose a Piano Safari book from the list, and then you’ll see an entire list of pieces from that book on the right side of the window.

1Clementi, MuzioSonatina Op. 36, No. 1 in C MajorCory Hall
2Diabelli, AntonSonatina Op. 151, No. 1 in G MajorIt's rare to find a celebrated concert pianist recording a piece that's mostly played by piano students. Enjoy!Cyprien Katsaris
3Diabelli, AntonSonatina Op. 151, No. 1 in G MajorThis recording is processed with MIDI to sound like it's played on a fortepiano, even though it was recorded on a modern piano.Salvatore Nicolosi
4Olsen, Lynn FreemanSonatina No. 3 in A minorUI Piano Ped ProjectAlan Huckleberry
5Reinagle, AlexanderAllegro in D MajorGood student performanceCaroline Wang
6Dvořák, AntoninSymphony No. 9, Mvt 2The first theme, with English Horn solo, is often arranged in beginner piano books.Münchner Philharmoniker, Sergiu Celibidache
7Hague, JulieFred the FishGreat recording with very creative improvisation.Luke
8Bernstein, SeymourElegant Torreador, TheIt's a bit quick, but as always a solid performance from the UI Pedagory Project.Alan Huckleberry
9Stegman, JohnGreg and Alice and Their DogHighly repetitive, but it's cute an memorable to learn three of the white notes instantly.Juliet Lyons and Friends
10English Folk SongBah Bah Black SheepFun video for younger kids playing the piece in Piano Safari Book One.Cocomelon
11Garner, ErrollMistyIt's hard to pick just one, so I picked the version that sounded most like the one I could hope to achieve. It's simple with lots of technical licks that are properly stylized.Jeff Williams
12Beethoven, Ludwig vonTurkish March from The Ruins of Athens, Op. 113An arrangement of this is found at the end of the Faber 2B Lesson Book.Berlin Philharmonic / Claudio Abbado
13Granados, EnriqueCuentos de la Juventud, Op. 1 (Stories from Childhood)Decent recording, albeit with that squeaky bench. Larrocha's recordings are split into 10 separate files, so I posted this instead.Jeremy Weissmann
14Gurlitt, CorneliusMurmuring Brook, Op. 140, No. 5Love the sound of this recording and simplicity of interpretation.Norma Meis
15Carmichael, HoagyHeart and Soul (4 Hands, 1 Piano)Nice informal performance with some nice planned improvisation.Side Tracked Musicians
16Mozart, W.A.Sonata in C Major, K. 545Late career performance but still amazing control. Notice slow and even pacing of 1st mvt!Sviatoslav Richter
17Attwood, ThomasSonatina in G Major, Mvt 1UI Piano Ped ProjectJason Sifford
18Attwood, ThomasSonatina in G Major, Mvt 2UI Piano Ped ProjectJason Sifford
19Attwood, ThomasSonatina in G Major, Mvt 3UI Piano Ped ProjectJason Sifford
20Adams, John C.Nixon in China: Excerpts from Act 1Great example of contemporary compositional style called minimalismMetropolitan Opera