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Last Updated on 2022-09-22 | Originally Posted on 2019-06-12

Welcome to the Piano Parent Portal!

This page is dedicated to everyone enrolled in my studio, including my teen and adult students, in addition to piano parents. If you’re not yet a member of the studio, please make sure to also stop by my Piano Lessons page.

I update this page and the links referenced periodically. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make this page better. Enjoy!

MyMusicStaff Access

You can register for in-person and online lessons using this tool. When choosing a lesson slot, please look at the icon: If the icon is a church, that is an in-person lesson at Central Methodist. That can be converted to an online lesson if necessary. If the icon is a camera, that is an online lesson run from my home. That cannot be converted into an in-person lesson.

Policy – Updated July 2022

The latest policy changes above were made for the program year 2022-2023, which includes new rates and discounts, which are summarized below.

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Lesson Rates

Lessons for school-aged, full-semester students, are priced by a monthly rate that follows the fall or spring semester tuition plan. The price for all other students, including those who begin after the beginning of the semester, is calculated from the base rate for a half-hour. Rates for all lessons follow:

  • 30 minutes: $109/month, $30.50 base rate
  • 40 minutes: $140/month, $39.50 base rate
  • 45 minutes: $155/month, $43.50 base rate
  • 60 minutes: $205/month, $57 base rate

Teaching Blog Posts

I’ve done major rework to my Practice Corner posts so that they now form my core of advice to all piano parents. I invite you to take a look, since I know you will find something useful for you!

Essential Links

Helpful Links

Piano Festivals

Piano Methods

Piano Methods – This page discusses choices for beginner students, whether they be children or adults.

Give Feedback

I’ve set up a separate page for this that you can access by clicking below. It could be a conversation you want to have or something that might help me in my teaching. It could be to offer a testimonial or review. Whatever it is, I’m always grateful for feedback, because teaching is a never-ending learning experience.

Monthly Practice Corner Posts: