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This is an internally-focused page for my piano parents and adult students. Even if you’re not one of those, you’re still welcome here. You might find more helpful information on my Piano Lessons page.

MyMusicStaff Access

If you are booking lessons through MyMusicStaff, and are looking for slots to book, please make sure to look at the little icon to tell whether it’s an in-person or online lesson. When you click on each slot, there will be a location that confirms where the lesson will be held.

In general, Monday lessons are online, and all others are in-person. However, I can typically create an early evening slot even if one doesn’t exist for an online lesson.

Policy and Permissions – Aug 2020 to Jul 2021

To complete registration, as well as to inform me of your Website and Social Media preferences, I ask you to fill out one of the following surveys. If you study in-person at Shepherd, or are online but currently affiliated with Shepherd, fill in the Shepherd survey. Otherwise, fill in the Private Student survey. This needs to be done just once per year.

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