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This page is dedicated to my current piano parents and students. If you are looking for information about becoming a student, please visit my Piano Lessons page.

MyMusicStaff Access

When choosing a lesson slot, please look at the icon: If the icon is a church, that is an in-person lesson at Central Methodist. That can be converted to an online lesson if necessary. If the icon is a camera, that is an online lesson run from my home. That cannot be made into an in-person lesson.

Policy – Updated January 2022

I’ve made enough changes to my policy that I’d like to make sure you 1) received the updated policy plus 2) give you a chance to opt-out of the implied Website and Social Media Consent. I don’t want policy surprises to happen, so I tried to organize the material so it’s more readable. Plus, I eliminated a monthly discount that most folks probably didn’t know existed!

Teaching Blog Posts

I’ve done major rework to my Practice Corner posts so that they now form my core of advice to all piano parents. I invite you to take a look, since I know you will find something useful for you!

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