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Last Updated 2020-06-09

Shepherd Music School at Central UMC has reopened as of June 8th, although many of my students are continuing online, at least through June. It’s your choice what you want to do. Starting during the week of June 15th, it’s my goal to offer Monday and Tuesday as online, and Thursday as in-person. Over time, this will change.

IMPORTANT: If you are returning to Shepherd Music School, please make sure you read through and understand these guidelines that you must follow for in-person lessons.

If you are booking lessons through MyMusicStaff, and are looking for slots to book, please make sure you keep in mind that certain days are dedicated to online lessons, and others to in-person Shepherd lessons. On Monday of each week, I’ll summarize where I’ll be in a little beige memo. When you click on each slot, there will be a location that confirms where the lesson will be held.

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Piano Safari

Piano Safari is a relatively new piano method introduced by Katherine Fisher and Julie Knerr. The children’s series includes rote learning and eases the pace at which children learn note reading, which works great for young children. There is also an older student series that uses some of the same pedagogical concepts. However, rote pieces like Hungry Herbie Hippo are replaced by pieces like Wind Chimes.

My mentor, Nicola Cantan, has created three YouTube videos below that discuss various aspects of Piano Safari. The children’s series requires regular parent involvement, so I like for the parents to decide if this series is for them. You will probably know by the end of the first video if it’s for you. Don’t worry, if it is not, I can choose a more traditional method book that doesn’t include this heavy dose of rote learning.

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