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Last Updated on 2022-08-05 | Originally Posted on 2018-11-28

Welcome to my piano teaching posts! My proudest recent accomplishment is in reworking my series of Classic Practice Corner posts. They encompass a lot more than just practice, as you can tell just from the titles, but they form a comprehensive set of all activities included in practice.

You can find the blue plus sign at the bottom of each post, which allows you to share, print, email, and so much more. Please leave a comment on any posts you find useful. That is a blessing to me as well as a way to get my posts ranked higher on Google.

Classic Practice Corner Posts

I’ve organized my articles in a way that I think flow well. However, if 14 articles are too many, perhaps start with these two trios:

Trio #1

Trio #2

  • Guide Your Child to Independent Practice – Written for parents, but it could also be used by older students making their own practice choices.
  • Set a Practice Goal – This is related to Guide Your Child, and pairs well with Guide Your Child because they are somewhat related.
  • Law of the Farm – You reap what you sow. It doesn’t matter how gifted or talented you are, you need to invest time to develop your skill. Think Tortoise and Hare.

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