Piano Lessons – Trial Lesson

Last Updated on 2022-08-16 | Originally Posted on 2020-06-19


Thank you for scheduling a trial lesson. This page will guide you through pricing, payment, what to bring, and directions to the church. Please take a second to read or bookmark this page.


The price of a standard trial lesson is $39.50 for 40 minutes of time, which includes an extra 10 minutes for Q&A after the 30-minute trial lesson. If you are scheduled for just 30 minutes, the rate is my standard price of $30.50 for a 30-minute lesson.

If I quoted you a different amount from these two, it’s because you either 1) requested a longer lesson, or 2) the lesson covers two or more family members. In each of those cases, please pay that amount instead.


As of March 1, 20222, masking is optional. However, I will often wear one anyway, especially when new reported Covid cases are averaging over 20 per 100k in Benton County. If you prefer to mask for lessons, I will do so as well. There is always the possibility of masking in the future since my policy is informed by both the church’s rules as well as CDC recommendations.

What to Bring

If you have never had lessons, or if you are an adult who hasn’t studied since childhood, bring yourself. If you’re a transfer student, bring your most recent books and prepare a piece or two to play.

Payment via Venmo (Preferred)

If you have Venmo, great! It’s my first preference for trial lessons.

  • Please remember to click Businesses under the search bar in the Venmo app.
  • username: @brockeyspedals
  • search: Broc Hite Piano Studio

Payment via PayPal or Credit Card (Other Method)

I accept PayPal or credit card payments for trial lessons only. The easiest way to pay is to select the type of trial lesson you are scheduling from the dropdown menu, then click the yellow button “Buy Now.” I include several choices for lesson lengths since sometimes I’m not able to book the ideal default times mentioned. If you need to pay me a different amount, you can use this PayPal Me link.

Trial Piano Lesson

Directions to Central Methodist in Rogers

Take a moment to capture the GPS location and to download the map below to your phone. Complete directions are in this document.

Lessons are held in the Choir Room, which is in the NW corner of the building. GPS Location: 1851 South 26th Street, Rogers

Recitals take place in the Chapel, which is at the south end of the building. Use the After Hours entrance in the SE corner of the building. GPS Location: 2535 New Hope Road, Rogers

map of lesson locations

MyMusicStaff Access

You won’t need to access MyMusicStaff for your trial lesson since we’ve already scheduled your lesson. However, the link is provided in case you need to cancel/reschedule your lesson. Please contact me as well so I can create a new lesson slot for your needs.