Piano Lessons – Downloads


I offer the following downloads primarily in connection with my piano teaching. Some of the resources are available to everyone, whereas others are only available to my students.

Practice Chart

Piano Explorer 100-Day Practice Chart
Here is where you can keep track of your practice. If you practice 100 days in a row, your name can be published in Piano Explorer magazine!

My Students Only

I am building an extensive library of resources just for my students, which I prefer not to publish on the open Internet. To gain access:

  • Fill out the form below with name and email. Please use the email that is attached to your Dropbox account, if you have one.
  • I’ll set up the share and send an email giving you further instructions.
  • Log in to your existing Dropbox account, or create a new one. Dropbox offers a free version; there is no need for a paid account for light and occasional use.

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Last Updated 2018-09-22 | Originally Posted 2018-08-27