Piano Lessons – Checklist

I’ve signed up for lessons…Now what?

Great! The piano lessons checklist is a soup-to-nuts list of things that I ask all my students to acquire. They give you the best possible chance to succeed, whether you are a beginning student or are transferring from another teacher.


It’s important that you have either an instrument on which to practice at home. If you have an acoustic piano, that’s best. If you have an electronic piano, it may or may not meet your needs. It’s easiest to take a photo, noting the model number if it’s not visible in the photo, and share that with me. There are some wonderful electronic pianos available, but there is a certain minimum level that’s best for piano study. A full 88-key keyboard, weighted keys, and a pedal resembling an acoustic piano model are all necessary. Purchased new, these start around $500 to $600, which includes a bench, full-sized pedal, and a stand.

Assignment Book

While you can buy a fancy music assignment book for several dollars, any bound book with lined pages will work. These sell for about 25 cents at Walmart during back-to-school sales, and work perfectly!

Three-Prong Folder

There will be some exercises on loose-leaf pages that you will need to have with your books. You can get a really cheap one for as low as 15 cents, but I’d recommend a more sturdy version like the
Mead Five Star Stay Put Pocket Prong Folder. It’s available at Walmart for about two dollars.

Music Books

I will give you a list of books that you’ll need for the semester. I have many of the most-used books listed on the separate Web page Piano Lessons – Books. If you have Amazon Prime, this can be the cheapest and easiest way to get them. They can also be ordered at a music store like Musicworks in Bentonville.

Last Updated 2018-02-19 | Originally Posted 2018-01-11