Piano Lessons – Checklist

I’m Registered! Now What?

Number one on my list is to make sure you have a good practice instrument. If you don’t, please read what I recommend for a suitable piano. The rest of the items are a breeze to get in comparison! If you’d prefer to print or save the checklist, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Assignment Book

While you can buy a fancy music assignment book for several dollars, any notebook with lined pages will work just as well. These sell for about 25 cents at Walmart during back-to-school sales, and less than a buck at other times.

Three-Ring Binder – High-Quality 1/2-Inch

Even though it’s typically way more expensive than the bargain one-inch model, a high-quality half-inch binder minimizes bulk in the student’s lesson bag and sits much more easily on the piano’s music desk. I perform from this type of binder for recitals.

Loose-Leaf Dividers for Three-Ring Binder

Please purchase high-quality plastic ones over the cheap paper ones. Write-on tabs are a nice plus. Students need to keep sheets of all kinds well organized: technique, theory, lead, music, and perhaps more.

Pencil and Eraser

Musicians always carry pencils and erasers. How else can you mark up your music and do your activities/theory assignments without them?

Little Red Music Notebook

It’s officially called Wide Staff Manuscript Paper, and costs about $2. You can get it on Amazon or at any music store.

Bag or Pack

You’re going to need a dedicated music bag to carry everything on this list. It could be anything from a 25-cent Walmart fabric bag to a small backpack. Whatever works for you works for me!

Music Books

I will give you a list of books that you’ll need for the semester. Since I don’t inventory books to re-sell to my students, I offer two easy ways that you can get books:

  • The first is to order them from Amazon.com, which works well for widely-published books.
  • The second choice is to place a group order with me through Cliff Hill Music, which I do several times a year. This is really your best choice for hard-to-get specialty music, such as pieces that are often played in festivals.

    Last Updated 2019-08-08 | Originally Posted 2018-01-11