Piano Lessons Checklist

Last Updated on 2023-12-16 | Originally Posted on 2023-06-17

Acoustic Piano or Electronic Keyboard

Number one on my list is to make sure you have a good practice instrument. If you don’t, please read what I recommend for a suitable piano. The rest of the items are a breeze to get in comparison!

Pencil and Eraser

Musicians always carry pencils and erasers. You will use them for all sorts of things, like mark fingerings and notes in your music, take notes for your assignment, and do your activities/theory assignments.

Music Books

If you need Piano Safari books, I can get them at a discounted price and pro-rate the shipping, typically between several orders. If you need any other books that I recommend, please visit my Music Books page.

Tote Bag or Small Backpack

You’re going to need a dedicated music bag to carry everything on this list. It could be anything from a 25-cent Walmart fabric bag to a small backpack. Whatever works for you works for me!

Three-Ring Binder – High-Quality, 1/2-Inch Rings

This is not something you’ll use all the time, but it’s good to have a dedicated half-inch binder for occasions like when you print out site-licensed or public domain scores from the internet. A high-quality half-inch binder has very little bulk and lays flat on the piano’s music desk.

Metronome – For Late Beginners and Up

If you are at least a late beginner and have not yet purchased a metronome, it’s probably time to do so! I will typically let you know when it’s that time, which typically is around the same time you would be getting your scales book.

You can get a physical one, like I use and recommend at the bottom of my Music Books page. If you prefer an app, get the paid version; it’s just a few bucks. I use the Tempo app on my iPad.