Piano Lessons – Checklist

Posted 2018-01-11

I’ve signed up for lessons…Now what?

Great! Here is a list of things I like to check when getting started so that you have the best possible chance to succeed. It’s sort of a soup-to-nuts list. Fortunately, it’s pretty short!


I’d like to know what type of piano, or electronic equivalent, you use to practice at home. If you have a fully-functioning acoustic piano, whether upright or grand, that’s best. If you have an electronic piano, it’s easiest to take a photo and to either send it to me or show me during a lesson. There are some wonderful electronic pianos available, but there is a certain minimum level that’s best for piano study. A full 88-key keyboard, weighted keys, and a pedal resembling an acoustic piano model are all necessary.

Assignment Book

While you can buy a fancy music assignment book for several dollars, any bound book with lined pages will work. These sell for about 25 cents at Walmart during back-to-school sales, and work perfectly!

Three-Prong Folder

There will be some exercises on loose-leaf pages that you will need to have with your books. You can get a really cheap one for as low as 15 cents, but I’d recommend a more sturdy version like the
Mead Five Star Stay Put Pocket Prong Folder. It’s available at Walmart for about two dollars.

Music Books

I will give you a list of books that you’ll need for the semester. I have many of the most-used books listed on the separate Web page Piano Lessons – Books. If you have Amazon Prime, this can be the cheapest and easiest way to get them. They can also be ordered at a music store like Musicworks in Bentonville.