Piano Lessons – Checklist

I’m Registered! Now What?

Number one on my list is to make sure you have a good practice instrument. If you don’t, please read what I recommend for a suitable piano. The rest of the items are a breeze to get in comparison!

Assignment Book

While you can buy a fancy music assignment book for several dollars, any notebook with lined pages will work just as well. These sell for about 25 cents at Walmart during back-to-school sales, and less than a buck at other times.

Three-Prong Folder

There will be some exercises on loose-leaf pages that you will need to have with your books. You can get a really cheap one for as low as 15 cents, but I’d recommend a more sturdy version like the
Mead Five Star Stay Put Pocket Prong Folder. It’s available at Walmart for about two dollars.

Music Books

I will give you a list of books that you’ll need for the semester. I list most of the books I teach from on my Piano Lessons – Books page. In most, but not all cases, piano books are offered for less than the suggested retail price (MSRP) on Amazon.com. If you have Amazon Prime, this is great news! You can even buy used, but try to go for a minimum of Very Good to avoid heavily marked music. When listing scores, if I find that the score prices above MSRP, I note it with an asterisk. In those cases, you can sometimes find a good deal used, or may want to purchase through a local music store.

Last Updated 2018-09-12 | Originally Posted 2018-01-11