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A majority of the books I mention here cannot or should not be bought through Amazon.com. Independent publishers like Piano Safari and Piano Pronto only sell directly. Some other books are not fulfilled by the publisher, but rather by 3rd parties that buy and resell at a profit. This means that there are often insane markups without regard to unsuspecting consumers.

For those books that are not reliably priced on Amazon.com, I recommend that you order through a local music shop OR through a reputable online music dealer like mine, Cliff Hill Music.

When I post an Amazon link, it’s because I have verified that the book is Sold and Shipped by Amazon.com. I do recheck links periodically, but things do change. As I mentioned above, please pay attention that the book you are buying is Sold and Shipped by Amazon.com. In my experience, any item so designated will be priced at or below the publisher’s retail price. If you qualify for free shipping, it’s a double win!

Batch Orders

I do batch ordering at both Piano Safari and Cliff Hill Music, several times per year. If you need music books, I can often get them at a better price by ordering several students orders together, along with my own selections, and then prorate any discounts given and any shipping charges added. I will typically advise you whether to order on your own, or whether to commingle your order with me.

Method Books

Piano Safari

For students who start lessons with me, or transfer into my studio at a beginner level, I typically recommend switching into Piano Safari. There are separate series for children and older learners. An older learner is typically 10 or older, including adults. To learn more about my use of Piano Safari in lessons, please visit this link.

Repertoire Books

Standard Repertoire Collections

I’ve standardized my choices onto the FJH Festival Collection, which is edited by Helen Marlais. I batch order these through Cliff Hill Music and as a result sometimes have an extra volume of a particular level on hand.

Multiple Composer Collections

Sonatina Album: A Collection of Favorite Sonatinas, Rondos, and Other Pieces for the Piano – Intermediate

Single Composer Collections

Bach, J.S.

Inventions and Sinfonias: Two- and Three-Part Inventions (Alfred Masterwork Edition) – Advanced

Burgmüller, Friedrich

Twenty-Five Easy and Progressive Studies, Op. 100 – Early Intermediate

Ecklund, Jennifer (Piano Pronto)

Songs I Love to Play (Vol. 1) – Late Beginner (Purchase on PianoPronto.com)

Songs I Love to Play (Vol. 2) – Early Intermediate (Purchase on PianoPronto.com)

Kabalevsky, Dmitri

24 Pieces for Children, Op. 39: Piano Solo (Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics) – Mid to Late Beginner

Olson, Lynn Freeman

Beginning Sonatinas: Five Original Works in Varying Styles for the Early Grades – Mid to Late Beginner

Poe, John Robert

Silly Sonatinas: Four Non-Traditional Sonatinas in Traditional Form – Early to Mid Beginner

Schumann, Robert

Schumann – Album for the Young, Op. 68 – With 2 CDs – Intermediate

Schumann – Album for the Young, Op. 68 – No CDs – Intermediate

Theory Aids

Key Covers

Bea’s Keys – Bea Carney was a successful piano teacher in Dallas, Texas before moving to Bentonville, Arkansas, where she completed her career and died in 2018 at the age of 99.

Music Theory

I’m currently rethinking my theory curriculum. Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory is an excellent book and comes with 2 CDs, but it’s a very dense book and is a better choice for older learners than young children.


Scales Book

The Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, etc

Little Red Book

Wide Staff Manuscript Paper – Can also be purchased at Musicworks or any music store


Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome – The one I use – highly durable

Seiko DM51B Metronome – Budget model

Zoom Recorders

Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder – Digital Audio Recorder

Zoom Q2N-4K Handy Video Recorder with XY Microphone – Video Recorder

Piano Parent Books

Playful Preschool Piano Teaching – Great softcover book by Nicola Cantan explaining learning theory for teaching young pianists. Although best matched to 3- to 5-year-olds, some of the principles also apply up to age 8.

Playful Preschool Piano Teaching – Kindle version of softcover book

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