Performing Praise

Skill, Perfection, and Passion

Skill, perfection, and passion are words that come to mind when I listen to Broc Hite’s piano and organ performances. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunity to attend his recitals. It’s a special experience!

Ruth Lawlor

Broc shares his talents

Broc is one of the many talented artists found in Northwest Arkansas. You can listen to him play without a charge. Even though I am a former music educator, you don’t need my experience to appreciate people like Broc.

Weldon R Hyde

Musical Perfection

Do you enjoy listening to musical perfection on piano or organ? If yes, then take advantage of the opportunity to attend one of Broc Hite’s recitals. Not only is he amazing in solo performance, but he is an excellent accompanist for solo or group performances. I have been fortunate to work with Broc on a… Read more “Musical Perfection”

Jill Hale