Musician Statement

Most of my working life I have had a split personality between my music and business careers. However, even in my music career, there is another split – between piano and organ.

As I find myself devoting more time to music, this split continues. Although I began my musical journey as a pianist, I have played many instruments with keys: celesta, fortepiano, harpsichord, xylophone, and marimba. Although the piano remains my first love, the organ has become a close second.

I challenge myself to learn repertoire on both instruments. Besides playing weekly at my church, I play solo recitals and collaborate with talented singers and instrumentalists as well.

Recently I resumed teaching the piano. I enjoy teaching serious students who are interested in pursuing a well-rounded music education. I’m definitely a big fan of my students whenever they perform in recitals and festivals.

I also take seriously the business of being a performing artist. To that end, I became a fellow with Artist INC. I cherish my new network of artist friends who inspire each other in our quest to enlarge the presence and quality of art in our community.

Tweetable Summary

I am a pianist and an organist who loves to teach and perform. I collaborate with fellow artists to nourish and enrich my community.

This document is more commonly called an Artist’s Statement. It’s often a required document for artists who wish to submit their works for inclusion in a showing at a gallery or museum. I wrote it as part of my experience in Artist INC, and include it here since I like how it complements my résumé and bio.

Last Updated 2020-12-03 | Originally Posted 2018-04-20