Music Monday

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red squirrel

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Music Monday offers micro-sized recordings, typically less than 5 minutes, to start your week out right. I don’t post every week, and sometimes I’ll post more than once under the title Music Monday Extra.

Facebook is my preferred format for Music Monday, but I might use Instagram (IGTV) or YouTube as well. You can listen to any of my recordings whether or not you have an account on the platform where it is posted. Just click the link I provide!

Make time for music every day of the week, not just on Music Monday!

Program Archive

Most of these links lead directly or indirectly to recordings as noted in parentheses.

More About Music Monday

Music Monday was coined by the Canadian Government to celebrate music education. I’m borrowing the term, as many others have done as well, to celebrate music in my own way.

My goal is to post new content each Monday morning on Instagram by 8 am Central Time. If I get busy, I might not post until later in the day, or even skip the occasional week.

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