Music Monday


Music Monday offers short recordings, typically less than 5 minutes. I add new recordings more sporadically than during the pandemic.

Most of my recordings are now hosted by Vimeo, but you don’t need to install the Vimeo player to listen unless you want to do so. Make time for music on Monday, and every other day of the week as well!

Music Monday on Instagram

Music Monday is just one part of my Instagram feed, so you’ll have to sift through some teaching posts to get to my recordings. Instagram is the only social platform on which I regularly announce new recordings added to my Music Monday Showcase on Vimeo.

Program Archive

Performances in this series began in 2020. This archive includes performances from 2020 and 2021.

More About Music Monday

Music Monday was coined by the Canadian Government to celebrate music education. I’m borrowing the term, as many others have done as well, to celebrate music in my own way.

Support Music Monday

If you’ve enjoyed some of my recordings, consider supporting my programming. A cup of coffee is always appreciated, as are donations via Venmo or via PayPal.

I also appreciate if you share my page with friends and family via the blue icon at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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