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Weekly Acorn

It’s been difficult to try to stay connected to the people who want to hear me play. My solution was online video. I no longer give mini-recitals or full-length concerts. The closest thing I do to a traditional concert is the Weekly Acorn. It’s a bite-sized amount of music, typically 5 to 10 minutes, but sometimes longer. A new Weekly Acorn is released almost every Friday evening at 7 pm Central Time.

Music Monday

Music Monday is another weekly series, but it has a completely different purpose. It’s more of a musical potpourri than the focused Weekly Acorn recital. I got the idea from something that the folks at my church were trying, but with a different focus. My series will feature collaborative performances, occasional tiny solo performances, new blog posts, appreciations of other artists, interviews, and the like.


I look forward to going back to in-person Concerts, with online feeds broadcast via Facebook Live. It’s the best of both worlds. For now, see what I’ve done and whatever I know to be upcoming I’ll also post!

On Facebook

The concerts listed on my Web page above are organized by date. However, you can also go straight to the videos section of my professional Facebook page and select some concerts there as well. These live performances, warts and all, began on Christmas Eve in 2018, and were only suspended recently due to Coronavirus.

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Selected Performances

Reflective Piano Music (Christian Contemporary)

Piano Arrangements by Mark Hayes

  • I Wonder As I Wander
  • Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises
  • How Beautiful
  • Here I Am Lord
  • Blest Be the Tie That Binds Us Together

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Organ Music for Palm Sunday

  • Prelude – A Solemn Prelude from Cantata No. 21 – J.S. Bach/arr. Biggs
  • Postlude – Sur le Rhin, Op. 54, No. 5 – Louis Vierne

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Last Updated 2020-08-03 | Originally Posted 2018-07-11