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Music Monday

I am taking a break from making new recordings for several months as I adjust to a larger teaching load, but I plan to emerge soon with some new recordings. When I resume, I’ll send alerts by both Instagram Instagramand my Curious Squirrel Newsletter.

Sarabande for the Morning of Easter by Herbert Howells

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Music Monday

Music Monday is a weekly series that was born out of the pandemic and will continue with new content most weeks. It features short solo and collaborative performances but may include other items like blog posts, appreciations of other artists, and interviews.

December Delights

This series ran in December 2022, featuring 10 delights perfect for the Christmas season. In 2023, I want to bring back the full-blown Advent calendar.

Piano Postludes

It’s my church-based series that ran from 2017 to 2022. Look for the headphone icons!

Weekly Acorn

The Weekly Acorn is a series of 14 mostly bite-sized performances that began and ended in 2020 during the pandemic. Even though the series is no longer active, there’s a lot of great content there. Enjoy it!

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