Thank you for visiting! You will find a variety of ways to enjoy my recordings. I send alerts to new content primarily via my every-other-week newsletter, the Curious Squirrel. Although I typically send teasers via Instagram and sometimes Facebook, the Vimeo links below have the best video and sound quality.

If you’re a YouTube fan, you’ll find several of my favorite recordings there. If you yearn for the days of record albums or compact discs, you’ll find some audio-only recordings on my SoundCloud page.

This is from my new series of Spanish pieces recorded May 8, 2022.

Quick Links

Music Monday

Music Monday is a weekly series that was born out of the pandemic and will continue with new content most weeks. It features short solo and collaborative performances but may include other items like blog posts, appreciations of other artists, and interviews.


Piano is my first instrument, and most can tell it’s still pretty special to me. Click below to access links dedicated to my piano performance.


I started studying organ seriously in college and found an entirely different set of repertoire to tackle. All of my organ victories have been hard-won. Click below to access links dedicated to my organ playing.

Curious Squirrel Online

This is a series that was conceived as monthly but has morphed into a less frequent occasional one. They are mini-recitals grouping pieces heard live as Piano Postludes and on Music Monday. It’s a great format for busy people in busy times.

Weekly Acorn

The Weekly Acorn is a series of 14 mostly bite-sized performances that began and ended in 2020 during the pandemic. Even though the series is no longer active, there’s a lot of great content there. Enjoy it!

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