Four Leaf Clover Challenge


I’ve created this challenge as preparation for our Late Patrick’s Day piano party. I hope you’ll embrace the spirit of the activities, which should be fun and also give you a taste of the joy of Irish music!

How It Works

Receive a shamrock stamp for each of the following four activities:

Each shamrock stamp is an entry into the prize drawing at the Late Patrick’s Day Piano Party. You have to be present to win a prize at the party. However, you can still participate in the activities and collect your shamrock stamps even if you don’t attend.


Quite a few of my students are learning pieces for the upcoming ASMTA Regional Festival, and need to stay focused on them. However, I have a number of Irish pieces that you can choose, both public domain downloads and site-license pieces. I’ll direct you to the resources on MyMusicStaff for those.


You can write an Irish-themed poem. My haïku is below. You can draw or color in an Irish object. You can recite a short poem or stanza. You can even read something about Ireland and give us a short oral summary. Be creative!

Irish Haïku

Corned beef and cabbage
Yummy food from my homeland?
At least I like fries!


You can attend a full-length recital, like the ones of Asher Armstrong or Emammanuel Ax. Or, you can watch and listen to some Irish dancing by the Kilfenora Ceili Band.


The Irish flag has three colors. Green represents the Irish Catholics. Orange represents the Protestants. White symbolizes the peace between the two factions. Wear some Irish color to the piano party!