First Piano Lesson

Welcome to My Studio

Whether this is your first piano lesson ever, or you are a transfer student from another teacher, welcome! Depending upon your level of comfort with me as a teacher, you may request a trial lesson before committing to be a new student. If you are already comfortable to sign on as a new student without that step, that’s fine too! I discuss finding the right teacher in a separate Web page.

Payment for First Lesson

My regular students pay by the month, or in some cases, pay for a semester in advance. Since new students don’t have that same investment, I require prepayment for the first lesson. You can send a check by USPS to my home, which should arrive the next day. Or, if you’d prefer to pay more quickly, I can send you an invoice by PayPal. That option includes a small added fee to cover PayPal’s fee to me. All subsequent lessons must be paid with check – my preference – or cash.

Terms and Conditions

Payment via the PayPal invoice, or a check mailed to my home address, secures the time slot that we previously scheduled. If you need to change the appointment, please notify me at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute change requests and no shows will result in forfeiture of the payment and require additional payment to secure a new time slot.

What to Expect

Each piano lesson is a customized experience. While I have some regular teaching methods, particularly for beginner students, each lesson will have a great deal of variability around the needs and preferences of the student. For a brand new student, I will explore some basic concepts that prepare a student for making music. For a transfer student, I’ll spend time listening to pieces she plays, and offer light suggestions with how I would do things differently. If the student forgets his books or hasn’t played in awhile, I can assess level through sight-reading as well.

The most important takeaway from a first lesson is a plan going forward. It needs to be somewhat flexible plan. After all, 30 minutes at one visit is hardly enough time to discover everything about a pianist who is also a person!

Last Updated 2020-01-01 | Originally Posted 2019-12-03