First Methodist

This is the landing page for pages related to my work at First United Methodist Church of Bella Vista.

My era of independent music selections for preludes, postludes, and occasionally at my current church job ended on June 19, 2022, due to a change in leadership. I look forward to the day that I can reactivate this page, when I regain my independent voice.

My page dedicated to quarterly Piano Postludes has a similar fate, though I’m committing to learning the music I had previously scheduled. I’ll just have to find a new way to share this repertoire, both in person and online.

The Weekly Program details all of the organ and piano music I play for traditional worship.

My quarterly project where I feature a group of works from one composer is called Piano Postludes. Please check out this long-running project along with recording links where available.

The following links are intended primarily for church staff and our soloists.

Pianist-Organist Posts: