December 2022 Challenge


I created this as a music-appreciation challenge for my studio in December 2022. I’m sharing this on my site to give fellow teachers ideas about creating fun listening activities for your studios.

Younger Student – The Nutcracker

Nutcracker Video Links

Watch these three videos. Tell me which one is your favorite!

Nutcracker Worksheets

I downloaded these Nutcracker Worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and shared them with my studio via the Online Resources in MyMusicStaff. Since they are just site-licensed for my studio, I can’t share them publicly. However, they are super affordable, and the one child who did the activity really loved it!

Older Student – Bach’s Brandenburg Concert No. 5

There’s nothing particularly December or Christmas about J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg concertos. Yet, hearing all six in one concert was one of the most popular classical music events in New York City each December. The performances weren’t at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, but at the 92nd Street Y on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

It was so uplifting to hear these masterpieces; I must have been a high school senior when I attended this performance for the first time.

The activity has three steps: