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This irregular series launched in December 2020 to commemorate the end of my Chopin Waltz project this year. Recordings will often be from projects like Piano Postludes, but they also may be separately inspired.

Please enjoy the events below, and listen to their predecessor events on the Weekly Acorn page.

March 2021 Recital

España by Isaac Albéniz
  1. Preludio
  2. Tango
  3. Malagueña
  4. Serenata
  5. Capricho Catalan
  6. Zortzico

December 2020 Recital

Three Opus Posthumous Chopin Waltzes
  • Waltz in A-flat Major, WN 28
  • Waltz in G-flat Major, WN 42
  • Waltz in A minor, WN 63
Last Updated 2021-10-21 | Originally Posted 2018-07-11

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