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The Curious Squirrel is a newsletter delivered to your inbox every other week on Sunday morning1. It seeks to bring the joy of music to adults and kids alike.

It’s a sample of my musical life. It includes one short video, a teaching moment, and some thoughts on how music relates to life. It may evolve into something different, but that’s what it is for now.

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This is the first place I post what will become my Music Monday video. The Children’s Corner teaching moment is also first released here. I’ll likely share anything else fun and new on here, before mentioning it elsewhere. I appreciate my small and loyal audience. Please remember: You don’t have to be nuts to like the Curious Squirrel.

Who is the Curious Squirrel?

I call him Samuel, but I haven’t checked in with him lately. He attended but wouldn’t leave a piano recital I gave at Central Methodist in Rogers. Although he was a nuisance during the recital, he left a lasting impression!

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1. Sometimes the newsletter is delayed due to my core tasks, aka those things that pay the bills!

Say Hello to Samuel, the Curious Squirrel!
Last Updated 2022-04-23 | Originally Posted 2018-01-15