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What is the Curious Squirrel?

The Curious Squirrel is a newsletter delivered to your inbox about once a month, typically on Sunday morning1. I seek to share the joy of music with others.

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It’s the best place to access my new content, including my newest recordings and blog posts. I also include teaching moments that I hope you find interesting, like my Teaching Videos and Children’s Corner recordings featuring my students.

I am also rolling out new blog posts called Piano Teaching Tidbits, which typically have a music appreciation component.

Who is the Curious Squirrel?

I call him Samuel, but I haven’t checked in with him lately. He attended a recital I gave in 2018 at Central Methodist in Rogers, but wouldn’t leave despite being chased up and down the walls and halls. He was last seen entering the organ console through the crescendo pedal.

Although he was a nuisance during the recital, he left a lasting impression! You don’t have to be nuts to like the Curious Squirrel.


1. The goal is to publish about once or month, but it may be more or less frequent depending on what’s happening in my life.

Say Hello to Samuel, the Curious Squirrel!