Want to Be Rich?

Last Updated on 2024-06-07 | Originally Posted on 2018-05-15


Being an artist often comes with the expectation that you must not want to be financially secure, much less successful. It’s refreshing when someone comes along to break that stereotype! Enter Jessica Knoll, the author of this New York Times article. It’s not often that a writer has this much self-confidence, coming out swinging about money as though she were an investment banker on Wall Street!

Though I don’t measure my artistic success purely in terms of dollars, I do like that she explains how she wants to attain her goals through a multi-stream income. Instead of just getting paid for writing a book, she wants to make royalties from selling her book. Plus, she is pursuing getting that book optioned to a television or movie studio, and even to get paid again for adapting it to a screenplay.

Success, for me, is synonymous with making money. I want to write books, but I really want to sell books. I want advances that make my husband gasp and fat royalty checks twice a year. I want movie studios to pay me for option rights.

Worth Following!

I’m very intrigued by this author and will study her career. Though the article is deadly serious, there are twinklings of humor to be found. I like where she pokes fun at a male author who errantly thought he sold in the most foreign territories as a first-time novelist.

In Conclusion

Do you really want to be rich? What does that mean to you? It’s certainly made me rethink whether I should be measuring some of my artistic success on capitalism!