The best piano teacher I’ve had

We have moved quite a bit and so my son (12) has had at least 6 different piano teachers. Before we started lessons with Mr. Broc, my son had finished the Alfred lesson series but hadn’t been making a lot of progress with his other teachers. After only 6 months of lessons with Mr. Broc, his piano skills sky rocketed. The amount of growth he has experienced with Mr. Broc as a teacher has been incredible. Even my son agrees that Mr. Broc is the best piano teacher he has ever had. We have been so happy with the results he’s had, that I decided to start taking lessons as well! Not only is Mr. Broc a great teacher, but he also has great communication with parents, provides plenty of opportunities for recitals, prepares his students for the ASMTA festival, and is flexible with scheduling conflicts. I would highly recommend Mr. Broc for piano lessons to anyone looking for a teacher for either their child or themselves!