Pros and Cons of Music Memorization

Last Updated on 2024-06-11 | Originally Posted on 2023-07-19


My second long-form blog post for the Colourful Keys blog is based on the Pros and Cons of Music Memorization. I grew up in traditional piano lessons where a fair amount of your repertoire was not only expected, but required to be memorized. After working a number of years as a piano instructor, my view has changed quite a bit.

Yes or No?

There are a lot of factors involved. Is the student preparing for a festival or exam where memory is mandatory? Is the student preparing for a recital where memory is recommended but not required? Does the student easily memorize? How serious is the student, as in do they practice regularly?

As you can see, it depends. You’re going to have the read my article if you want my feedback and recommendations. Just click the image below. If you like the article, I hope you leave a comment on the Colourful Keys site. Also, please check out my other blog posts, and my Publications page as well.

The Article