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I often find piano teaching to be difficult. Each student comes to you as an individual learner, with different needs than the next child. What motivates one student doesn’t motivate the next. What’s hard for one kid is simple for the next, and vice versa. Fortunately, there is an amazing community of teachers who offer lots of piano teaching resources, much of it free.

I explore for inspiration on the Web in several different ways. Much of it comes through Webinars from the Music Teachers National Association, to which I belong. When I find a good site, I’ll click links that lead me to find other great sites. If I’m looking for something specific, I often find it just through a Google search.

Here is what I have recently found that is helpful to me:

Sara’s Music Studio

Lots of free downloads, including the Pentascale Charts – Major and Minor

Inside Music Teaching

Philip Johnston created the very expensive Scales Bootcamp that I use in lessons since it helps students find the correct fingerings on scales. I’d love to see the book become less expensive so I would recommend it to all my students. He also has a really great set of posts on his homepage that rotate through the jumbotron.

Color In My Piano

Joy Morin talks about her studio, her influences, and inspiration for other teachers.


Jennifer Fink inspired me to put together a version of her floor staff carpet, using cards that she developed to relate intervals to that staff. I created a separate portable felt board that I loan to parents to help young learners with the staff.


Teacher Natallia created this Circle of Fifths Chart that I use with students. I use it to check off scales learned in major and minor.

Tim Topham

Resources and inspiration from a very creative teacher

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