One Social Media Share

Last Updated on 2024-06-07 | Originally Posted on 2018-11-26


Most of you have probably shared something on social media, but it’s that one share that made the difference. Social media experts encourage us to share more because you never know which post will benefit from the power of multiplication. I’m happy if a dozen or so followers like my posts, because it shows someone noticed that I took the time to celebrate my students. So what was different in this case?

Large Networks Help

One of my piano parents, who apparently has a very large friends list, decided to share the post that featured her daughter. It blew up – in a good way. The stats are attached at the bottom. This post was seen by 418 times, and of those 25 liked it, and 6 commented on it. Just from one share!

Be Thankful

I wrote a separate marketing post called Small Action Big Impact, without realizing that I would have a part two to write. In that case, I was talking proactively writing reviews for your favorite businesses using either Google or Facebook. Those are two excellent ways to help that business get better search engine optimization, which means they get better placement on Google searches.

In Conclusion

In November, the month of Thanksgiving, I try to make a special effort to be thankful, especially to small businesses who really need this boost. I also try to remember not to hurt anyone through an unkind word due to impatience or being judgmental. You never really know what impact you may have, either way!