It’s Time for My Own Website

As much as I love to create and edit Websites for others, it was time for my own Website. This creation, which is far more ambitious than my last effort at self-branding, has been particularly difficult. Even where to start was difficult.

Q: Should I create a separate site for music (part-time) versus computer-related (full-time) work?

A: No! I’m one person, and any attempts to “hide” one part of my life from the other will easily be uncovered in a Google search.

I became emboldened when I read the following article on the Harvard Business Review site.  It talks about someone whose career has similarities to mine, and he’s not at all shy about it.  Why should I be?  Why You Should Have At Least Two Careers

Q: Should I include some helpful information, including a few recommendations that I believe in where I might actually generate a tiny bit of revenue to help pay the expenses of maintaining this site and my restaurant review site,

A: Yes, of course!  If major corporations use affiliate links and redirects to generate revenue, why shouldn’t I?

In spring 2017, I decided to take an eight-week online Codecademy intensive class in HTML and CSS, along with an introduction to Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery. It was a great experience, but it didn’t cover anything about how to connect those skills and concepts to a hosted framework.

Before I start working more on those skills, I need to finish setting up my site to say who I am.  Once that’s largely done, I’ll move on to making it look more attractive!

Last Updated 2018-02-19 | Originally Posted 2017-09-29

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