Tough Social Media Decisions for 2022

Last Updated on 2022-11-27 | Originally Posted on 2022-01-01


On the last day of 2021, I had the time to take a look at what went wrong with my social media strategy. I’m all for being active on social media, but I need to find out how to be more efficient or I’ll just abandon it for weeks at a time. What I discovered is that I wasn’t delineating between the two separate things I do, teaching and performing. Each needs to have its own strategy, and from there I need to develop easier tactics to manage content for each audience.

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One Social Media Share

Last Updated on 2022-11-10 | Originally Posted on 2018-11-26


Most of you have probably shared something on social media, but it’s that one share that made the difference. Social media experts encourage us to share more because you never know which post will benefit from the power of multiplication. I’m happy if a dozen or so followers like my posts, because it shows someone noticed that I took the time to celebrate my students. So what was different in this case?

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Looking Back at First Friday

Last Updated on 2022-11-10 | Originally Posted on 2018-08-04


My year-long project of preparing to host a booth at First Friday in Downtown Bentonville came to pass last night. It was geared to increase enrollment at Shepherd Music School, where I teach. Note: Shepherd Music School no longer exists, but I continue to teach where it was located. I won’t lie, it was a tough process and I was near the breaking point a few times along the way. Our booth was very simple, yet coordinating all of the pieces and people consumed time and energy beyond any prediction.

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