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Last Updated on 2022-11-13 | Originally Posted on 2019-12-22

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Want to Be Rich?

Last Updated on 2022-11-08 | Originally Posted on 2018-05-15


Being an artist often comes with the expectation that you must not want to be financially secure, much less successful. It’s refreshing when someone comes along to break that stereotype! Enter Jessica Knoll, the author of this New York Times article. It’s not often that a writer has this much self-confidence, coming out swinging about money as though she were an investment banker on Wall Street!

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Gig Economy Advice

Last Updated on 2022-11-08 | Originally Posted on 2018-05-14

HBR Speaks Artist?

I didn’t expect to find gig economy advice for artists in this article from Harvard Business Review (HBR). It’s true that HBR focuses a lot more on the employed world, where most of the jobs still exist. However, with the increasing outsourcing of work to independent contractors, it’s up to the worker to structure her situation in the best way possible.

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Real Job

Last Updated on 2024-02-17 | Originally Posted on 2018-04-10


It was a typical Sunday morning for me. At around 7:45 a.m., I rushed out of the choir room, having concluded playing for a short choral warm up. Before I got a chance to go into the sanctuary, climb the stairs to the chancel, and approach the organ bench, where I would put on my organ shoes, choir robe, and organize my music, I got stopped in the hallway.

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