Batty Challenge

Last Updated on 2023-11-25 | Originally Posted on 2023-10-20


I created this challenge as a preparatory activity to our studio’s Halloween 2023 Piano Party. Now that this event has passed, it’s available as a studio resource. Feel free to customize it as you like.

I gave students one entry per activity completed toward the raffle at the piano party and drew two numbers randomly to award prizes.

As a side note, I also continued the costume contest begun several years, but that event tends to favor younger kids (cuteness wears off as students age) and parents who have a knack for making good costumes.


Halloween Haïku

Are there ghosts out there?
Do you hear them coming? Boo!
Happy Halloween!

My Halloween Haïku above is an example of the effort I seek. It can be simple as long as it shows some thought.

Listen to Your Choice of Spooky Music