Teaching and Performing

I’m Broc Hite. Teaching and Performing is what I do! If you want to learn to play the piano or the organ, I can help! I teach children and adults at the Shepherd Music School in Rogers, Arkansas, and offer in-home lessons. Piano lessons are a great idea, as long as you’re willing to practice regularly. I would love to help you grow as a musician. And, we’ll have lots of fun along the way!

If you want to hear me play, that’s easy! I am the Pianist, Organist, and Associate Director of Music at First Methodist in Bella Vista, where I play each Sunday. I present a weekly program of curated organ and piano pieces, and play for the choir at the two traditional services. In addition, I give concerts throughout Northwest Arkansas, including at First Methodist.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; photo courtesy Instagram @lechatmango. Listen to my recent recording on Facebook of J.S. Bach.

More About Broc

I am an accomplished pianist and organist, based in Northwest Arkansas, USA. I graduated from The Juilliard School with a Master of Music degree in Piano Accompanying, University of Connecticut with an MBA, and from Purchase College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Piano Performance. I teach, perform, and make a difference in my community.

There are several great ways to hear me play, as you will find on my Listen page. Learn more about me by reading my blog, where I post weekly about my music career and other topics. I’m on Facebook and Instagram, too! Those icons are at the bottom right corner of each Web page.

Monthly Newsletter

I publish a monthly newsletter about my teaching and performing. Subscribers get access to a recordings page on an unpublished link that I update periodically.


Formal Photo of Broc Hite


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